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About the Patriot Project

The Patriot Project is a conservative organization that is dedicated to promoting traditional American values and principles. From our perspective, the current political landscape in the United States is deeply concerning.

We believe that the government has become too involved in the lives of its citizens and that many of the policies being put forward by the left are antithetical to the values that have made this country great. We believe in limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility. We support policies that promote economic growth, job creation, and the preservation of our constitutional rights.

We believe that it is important to maintain a strong national defense and that we must stand up for the interests of the United States on the global stage. In short, we believe in the American Dream, and we are committed to doing everything we can to preserve it for future generations.

Being patriotic means asking what you can do for your country, not what your country can do for you. It is casting an informed vote at each election. It is buying a flag made in America instead of a flag made elsewhere.


  1. Become reality driven.
    Don’t kid yourself or others. Find out what’s what and base your decisions and actions on that.
  2. Always be honest and tell the truth.
    It’s extremely difficult to do any damage to anybody when you are willing, to tell the truth—regardless of the consequences.
  3. Always do what’s right and fair.
    Remember, the more you actually accomplish, the louder your critics become. You’ve got to learn to ignore your critics. You’ve got to continue to do what you think is right. You’ve got to maintain your integrity.
  4. Determine your goal, develop a plan to reach that goal, and then act.
    Don’t procrastinate.
  5. Communicate.
    Make sure everybody who ought to know what you’re doing knows what you’re doing.
  6. Don’t hesitate to deliver bad news.
    There is always time to salvage things. There is always time to fix things. Henry Kissinger said that anything that can be revealed eventually should be revealed immediately.
  7. Be willing to do whatever it takes to get your job done.
    If you’ve got a job that you don’t love enough to do what it takes to get your job done, then quit and get one that you do love, and then make a difference.

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