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Illegal Aliens vs. Undocumented Workers

The official legal language found in the US law codes and provisions for a person who unlawfully enters the US or overstays their visa is an illegal alien. Undocumented workers is a political term or slogan crafted by biased members of the media, illegal aliens, and amnesty-supporting groups.

Illegal aliens are not undocumented, they have plenty of documents because most engage in document fraud and identity theft to conduct their crimes in America. The term illegal alien is not meant in a disparaging or dehumanizing way. The definition and use of the term “illegal” are completely appropriate since it is illegal for a person to enter or remain in the US without permission, as it is illegal for them to hold a job. Webster’s dictionary defines the word alien as “belonging or relating to another person, place, or thing” and “relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country or government”.

Illegal aliens owe their allegiance to other countries and they are both related to and belonging to other nations and governments!

Illegal aliens and amnesty supporters politically oppose the term “illegal alien” because they think the American public will respond more negatively to the official definition of illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigration supporters feel that the term “undocumented workers” sounds more friendly and less destructive than an illegal alien.

America is a nation of laws and the Rule of Law means that everyone receives justice regardless of status. For illegal aliens to receive justice by American standards, they are required to be repatriated to their home nations or return on their own accord.

Biased reporters and illegal alien supporters often engage in anti-immigrant and racist behaviors by trying to mischaracterize illegal aliens as migrants, immigrants, Hispanics, or Latinos. It is highly anti-immigrant to compare law-abiding and due-paying legal immigrants with illegal aliens. It is equally racist to try to mislabel illegal aliens as Latinos or Hispanics.

Can you imagine the national uproar, if someone tried to mischaracterize shoplifters or prostitutes as black Americans?

We advise everyone to be on the lookout for the rampant political propaganda masquerading as news, that reports illegal aliens inappropriately as undocumented workers.