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Help Stop & End Illegal Immigration

Are you an American who is concerned and wants to stop, end, and reverse illegal immigration? The answer is simple, but the path to the solution is complex. If you simply want our existing immigration laws strengthened and fully enforced, then you need to get involved politically.

Americans of every race, political party, age, and walk of life are unifying to demand that our government of “We The People” do the job we expect and deserve. Please consider taking the following political actions to join the movement to oppose Amnesty for illegal aliens, secure our borders, and enforce our existing immigration laws to stop and reverse illegal immigration.

  1. Educate yourself about what is really going on. You cannot depend on the mainstream media to tell you the full truth about this issue. Please explore websites and tune in to talk radio shows for a more accurate understanding of the issue.
  2. Join and support both national and local groups that share your desire to see more done in a non-racist and peaceful political way. Your volunteerism and donations are essential to our success in this struggle. The two main national groups we recommend are the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( and NumbersUSA ( By getting involved on both the national level and the local level, you can combine your efforts through these groups and with your own personal activism to maximize your impact in the fight to end illegal immigration.
  3. Make sure you sign up for e-mail alerts, as a volunteer and donor. It will take a combination of time and money to combat illegal immigration. The groups you join will send you e-mails and materials that will guide you in the effort, along with tens of thousands of other Americans who share your concerns.

If you want illegal immigration to continue or for a Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY to be passed, which will turn millions of illegal aliens into voters and thus destroy any political hopes of future border or immigration law enforcement, then all you need to do is…