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The most direct way to reduce our dependency on foreign oil is to simply use less of it, starting with the cars and trucks we drive. Nearly 70 percent of our oil use is for transportation, and more than 65 percent of that amount is for personal vehicles.

To generate clean, nonpolluting energy from fossil fuels, we just have to capture all of the wastes from energy production and then store that waste back underground where fossil fuels come from in the first place. Intuitively, it seems a simple cycle, using the same equipment and facilities which produce, transport, refine and combust fossil fuels, to capture and return the waste from their combustion safely back into the earth.

21st Century Hydrocarbon Refinery

The place to end oil dependence1 is at the oil refinery. The job of the oil refinery is to break-down the crude oil (chemical splitting) at the molecular level, by separating the molecules and then recombining them in such a way that they become useful fuels and chemicals. The refinery only needs a cheap source of hydrocarbon molecules. In the past, crude oil has always been the cheapest source.

When crude oil is selling above $50 per barrel, synthetic fuels made from coal or other non-petroleum sources of hydrocarbon molecules become economically competitive — but only if refineries have the technology to “refine” unconventional hydrocarbons and biomass, in addition to petroleum.

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