The most direct way to reduce our dependency on foreign oil is to simply use less of it, starting with the cars and trucks we drive. Nearly 70 percent of our oil use is for transportation, and more than 65 percent of that amount is for personal independence means changing how we power our cars and trucks from foreign oil to new American-made fuels and batteries.

“We will continue to need high-energy-density fuels for years to come. But we can develop new liquid biofuels that will be direct replacements for gasoline and diesel fuel. These will be next-generation biofuels made from high-energy grasses such as miscanthus and from agricultural wastes. In 2005 the Oak Ridge National Laboratory outlined an achievable strategy (known as the "Billion Ton" study) for using biomass to replace 30 percent of our transportation fuels, and the science has advanced since then. When we have new biofuels that can be blended at any level with gasoline and that are safe for both engines and the environment, the importance of oil as a strategic resource will plummet.” ~ Nobel physicist Steven Chu, U.S. Secretary of Energy

Harnessing Earth's energy one day at a time. Harvesting Earth's energy one season at a time. Life on earth is sustained by the light and heat of the sun.

To generate clean, nonpolluting energy from fossil fuels, we just have to capture all of the wastes from energy production and then store that waste back underground where fossil fuels come from in the first place. Intuitively, it seems a simple cycle, using the same equipment and facilities which produce, transport, refine and combust fossil fuels, to capture and return the waste from their combustion safely back into the earth.

Americans love their cars...when gas is cheap. But when gasoline is expensive...Americans still need their cars.

The U.S. shares two large borders with Mexico and Canada that are being violated on a massive scale while our existing immigration laws go unenforced! Global corporations and racially motivated political groups are pushing to establish a Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY (CIR or CIRA) to nullify our unenforced existing immigration laws and thus destroy any future hopes of border security and immigration enforcement in America. Do you favor a path to citizenship amnesty for illegal aliens or do you stand with the vast majority of Americans that prefer the enforcement of our existing immigration laws?

There was a time when America produced what its citizens needed and wanted. We were proud to have abundant natural resources and dedicated people to do this. Today we have squandered our ability to use these resources and put ourselves in the position of having to depend on others.

We have lost our Pride! We are losing our self confidence to believe that we can regain what we have squandered.

Near 10% unemployment, about 30,000,000 people not working; is this a lasting legacy of the movement of manufacturing and farm products to low wage countries? What is the new norm, but a euphemism for “not to expect that we will return to our previous grandeur; to settle for less”. Is the American Dream gone forever?

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